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Travel Size Body Oil

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This hydrating Body Oil is a must-have for any beauty and personal care routine.  Made from Natural Plant Oils, this body oil provides deep hydration and a wonderful fragrance to the skin. A little goes a long way so you will get plenty of use out of each bottle. Plus its very light weight and absorbs into the skin quickly. This body oil pairs beautifully with your favorite perfume or cologne. 

Contains: Sunflower oil, Vitamin E Oil, Avocado Oil, Fragrance Oil. 
Scent Notes:

- Honey Coco: Another customer favorite! A soothing scent of oatmeal, thick creamy french vanilla, rich warm milk with bottom notes of sweet nutty almond and hints of sweet honey. This is a scent to relax by!

-Vanilla Cream: Absolutely delicious rich buttery whipped cream that tops this yummy accord of vanilla bean. Hints of toasted nut and grated cinnamon tease the senses as a base of melted marshmallow carries the fragrance to a sweet finish.

- The Tropics: (aka Caribbean Nights): This is a customer favorite & sure to please. A juicy blend of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla.

- Energy (For Him):This is an instant favorite of the fellas. It begins with fresh, daring notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon; followed by middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine notes, and a hint of peppermint; sitting on expensive base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense. Now this is The Perfect Masculine fragrance.