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Relaxing Botanical Bath Soak

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Botanical bath soaks are a luxurious way to unwind and relax after a long day. We offer two options: one with lavender and one with rose botanicals. Both are carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients to provide a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

Our bath soaks contain a blend of epsom salt, essential oils, pink Himalayan sea salt, and natural plant botanicals. Epsom salt is known for its therapeutic properties, helping to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation. The essential oils used in our soaks are carefully selected to enhance the overall experience and provide additional benefits. Lavender essential oil promotes calmness and relaxation, while rose essential oil has a soothing and uplifting effect.

To use our botanical bath soaks, simply add your desired amount to warm running water. The amount can vary depending on your preference and the desired strength of the soak. As you soak, let the natural botanicals infuse the water, releasing their delightful scents and therapeutic properties. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the experience, letting the stress melt away and leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Indulge in a botanical bath soak today and give yourself the gift of self-care.